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Climbing Gears

The Himalayas of Nepal have long been the destination for mountaineers from around the world. Nepal has 8 of the 10 highest mountains in all the world including the tallest of them all, Mt. Everest.

Eco-Trek offers guided climbing trips on many of Nepal's smaller trekking peaks. Most of the climbs are non-technical but involve a large amount of glacier travel and physical fitness is the must. We have experienced guides to introduce you to the fascinating experience of high altitude mountaineering.

List of climbing gear specially for peaks below 6500 meters.

S. No Equipment list Cost in Kathmandu Hiring charged/day
01 Down sleeping bag (-10) US $100.00+ $1.5/day
02 Down Jackets (-10) US $90.00 $1.2/day
03 Gore_Tex Jackets (windproof) US $70.00 $0.80/day
04 Double boots/snow US $200.00 $1.5/day
05 Trekking boots US $30.00+ X
06 Ice ex US $15.00 $0.50
07 Rucksack X X
08 Cramp pone US $10.00 $0.50
09 Stick US $50.00 $0.50
10 Harness US $70.00 X
11 Headlight US $50.00 X
12 Geters US $40.00 X
13 Snow Glasses US $55.00 X
14 Rope/ 250meters US $200.00 $1.2
15 Water bottled US $40.00 X
16 Mattress US $25.00 X
17 Epi Gass/one for two/day/cooking US $10.00 X
18 Crampon US $10.00 $0.50
19 Snowba 4pieces US $8.00 X
20 Liner/inner (using inside sleeping bag) US $14.00 X


Clothing and Equipment:

Having the proper clothing and equipment is a must for all of our climbing trips. Some gear is available for rent in Kathmandu such as double boots, crampons, and ice axes. But sizes and availability of this gear varies so it could be in your best interest to get all the gear before you come. We will provide you an equipment list once you have decided on what trip you would like.

Our guides are experienced mountain climbers who have explored many of the peaks in Nepal. They will teach you the fundamentals of mountaineering and safe glacier travel. They are trained in 1st aid and know how to spot altitude sickness. They are also friendly and eager to show you their culture.

If you are a professional climber who needs assistance for a climb please contact us. We can make sure everything runs smoothly and organized. We can also deal with the often complicated permit process. So please let us handle your next climbing expedition.